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My Services

As an Educational Consultant, I am here to help individuals of any age and their families navigate the challenges that school, family dynamics, social pressures and life in general can present. As an avid special education advocate, I am here to assist parents to ensure that their child's special needs are met. Through advocacy efforts, I will take steps to ensure that students with disabilities are thriving in culturally responsive environments that support their unique needs. 

As a Motivational Speaker, I am extremely passionate about fostering education, accommodations, awareness, and empathy for everyone with visible and invisible disabilites. 


Educational Consulting

$90 per one hour virtual sessions. 

My focus in these sessions is training and advising members of the educational community on new technologies, classroom policies, student achievements, and much more. 


Motivational Speaking

$250 per in-person/virtual event

(Email for price negotiation)


As a Motivational Speaker, as well as an individual that was born with Cerebral Palsy, I’m very passionate about fostering

greater awareness, diversity, and inclusion for people with disabilities.

I enjoy sharing my life challenges and triumphs with people who might be experiencing their own differences and/or

disabilities. I aim to inspire and motivate individuals and groups of people to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and

improve their lives.

Payment is through Cash App and Zelle. Full payment before service.

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